‘Mo bros’ unite for men’s health

Bulla Dairy Foods’ Peter Baumann, Jason Langdon, Dion Neave and Brent Finn are growing their moustaches and are among 13 people at the Colac-based food manufacturing company people raising money for Movember.

Normally clean-shaven Brent Finn says putting up with the irritation of a newly grown handle-bar moustache is worth the conversations it sparks about men’s health.

Brent is among 12 “mo bros” and a supportive “mo sister” from Bulla Dairy Foods raising money for men’s health this Movember.

The team has raised about $4000 for the Movember Foundation, which supports men’s health including men with prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues.

The group, which is raising money for the foundation for the eighth year, hopes to raise $7000 before the month’s end.

Brent said he supported the cause in honour of a close friend who had died from testicular cancer, and because he believed something needed to be done to help the over-representation of men who died by suicide.

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