Lifesaver honoured after ocean rescue

Apollo Bay’s Jake Cooper, right, received an award for saving the life of a man who was caught in a rip off Apollo Bay’s main beach. He is pictured with Dylan Murnane.

Apollo Bay lifesaver Jake Cooper has earned a bravery award for rescuing a man who was drowning in a rip off the town’s main beach.

Victorian Governor Linda Dessau yesterday awarded Jake a Certificate of Merit at the Royal Humane Society of Australasia Annual bravery Awards at Government House, Melbourne.

Jake said his actions on January 3, 2016, were part of his duty as a surf lifesaver and him going about his daily business, and he was humbled that the man he saved from a rip had nominated him for the award.

“It was pretty rough conditions that day,” he said.

“There were strong easterly winds and I could see a group of people standing on the rock wall waving.

“I paddled over to see what was going on and they pointed out a swimmer who appeared to be in trouble in a current along the rock wall there, and he appeared to be being taken out pretty quick so I paddled over to him.

“He was an elderly gentleman who was snorkelling, and I managed to get him on the board and paddled him out into the harbour up into the pier.”

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