Principal calls for motorists to slow

Colac Specialist School’s Cameron Peverett, second from back left, is calling on morotists to slow down and obey Wilson Street’s 40-kilometre speed zone. He is pictured with Bridie Bartlett, Shane Gappa and Milly Broomfield, and front, Mason Conway and Andrew Louden.

Colac Specialist School principal Cameron Peverett says motorists are refusing to obey the street’s 40-kilometre speed zone including at the school’s crossing.

Mr Peverett said vehicles continued to speed through the crossing outside the Wilson Street school, despite the street having a 40-kilometre an hour speed limit.

“The entire street is 40 kilometres; I don’t think people were even following that before the crossing went in,” he said.

“From an account that I heard; some people aren’t even slowing down as they’re approaching us.”

Mr Peverett said staff put flags out during peak times from 8.30am to 9.10am but “large trucks just seem to be continuing through there at a faster rate than you would expect”.

Colac Otway Shire Council installed the crossing three months ago after the schools raised their concerns with council.

Mr Peverett said that having the crossing manned would provide motorists with a visual cue to slow down, but Colac Otway Shire Council said because of the small volume that used the crossing, the crossing did not meet subsidy requirements.

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