Businesses oppose proposal for Colac truck curfew

Mayor Jason Schram is pushing to remove trucks from Colac’s Murray Street and will revisit a proposal for a causeway over Lake Colac after businesses rejected his idea to divert trucks around the lake.

Colac Otway Shire Council could revisit a proposal for a bypass over Lake Colac, after local industry and trucking businesses rejected an idea to re-route trucks around Lake Colac.

Mayor Jason Schram met with 10 industry and trucking businesses in Colac on Friday to propose the council push for a curfew that would have diverted trucks from Murray Street onto existing roads around Lake Colac during business hours.

Cr Schram provided three options to the businesses, which he said increased the trucks’ travel distances between 25 and 30 kilometres but improved safety and amenity on Murray Street.

But businesses at the meeting rejected the idea, saying that the extra travel distance and travel time would be too costly for business.

“The transport and industry in Colac agree with the concept that the trucks in Murray Street need to be addressed,” Cr Schram said.

“They don’t necessarily agree with the alternate routes north of the lake because ultimately anything that adds times or kilometres to a journey affects their bottom line.”

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5 Responses to “Businesses oppose proposal for Colac truck curfew”

  1. Juggy


    Ideas have been floated and they don’t include a bypass across Lake Colac… they are about a ‘Curfew’ and ‘Alternative Route’ around the lake.
    Investigation would NOT be funded by local government.

  2. Juggy

    I live on Murray st and have some problem with the trucks past my house e.g Speeding, tailgating and phone use… but that also goes for other road users.
    But in the CBD, I think people find issue with the noise and smell of some of the trucks.

  3. John

    Who is making complaints about trucks anyway? is it businesses who close at 5:30PM? or is it people who live in Murray Street? you people complaining need to put your name and faces to this and tell us why and you think Trucks in Murray Street are a problem then try living in parts of Geelong or Melbourne. Get used to it or Move!

  4. Chris

    Perhaps the municipality should bite down hard and plan this stuff properly? Dennis Street is no solution! You’re only moving the problem and creating another one straight away. Plan, lobby and build a proper heavy vehicle by pass. Stop putting it off like every other council and level of government has done!

  5. Juggy

    Wouldn’t the extra cost of transportation be added to the final cost of goods being carried?

    I very much doubt that VicRoads/Regional Roads would even bother looking at this idea when the cost to them would out weigh the benefits, especially considering the current and so far completed works.
    That said… YES! I do still support the idea of a heavy vehicle detour.

    But… What is the truth/real agenda behind this idea??? 🤔