Call for foreign driver testing

Barwon Downs resident Tony Goodlet’s son Matthew was injured in a two-car collision also involving a tourist driver on Monday. Tony is calling for testing and increased education for international drivers.

A crash at a notorious Birregurra intersection that left a man with spinal injuries has renewed calls for testing and better education for international drivers.

Barwon Downs resident Tony Goodlet’s son Matthew was injured in a two-car collision at the intersection of Birregurra-Forrest and Deepdene roads near Birregurra on Monday.

Police allege a driver, who was a Chinese national tourist, failed to stop at the intersection.

Mr Goodlet said his son, a 35-year-old from Melbourne, was able to leave hospital on Wednesday afternoon with spinal fractures but was unable to return to work as a boilermaker for six weeks.

But he said he believed his son was “lucky” following a death at the same blackspot on Boxing Day in 2017 and two other serious crashes around the same time.

The State Government has since installed temporary safety improvements at the intersection and will build a roundabout there ahead of next summer.

“It’s been 12 months now, how long does it take to build a roundabout or do something? But I don’t think a roundabout is really going to fix it,” Mr Goodlet said.

He said that with numerous crashes and near-misses involving international drivers in the region, he wanted to see testing introduced and education programs improved.

“There just has to be something stopping all these accidents,” Mr Goodlet said.

Matthew’s aunt Trish Goodlet, who works in the region’s tourism industry, said that with the number of visitors to the region, she believed the State Government’s education programs targeting international drivers were “not adequate”.

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