Community to clean up trail

Colac district’s Philippa Bailey is leading the charge for the Old Beechy Rail Trail clean-up for Clean Up Australia Day.

Colac district resident Philippa Bailey is calling on community members to help tidy a Colac tourist trail on Clean Up Australia Day.

Ms Bailey is organising to clean up the opening section of the Old Beechy Rail Trail, with a focus on the in-town section.

“The Old Beechy Rail Trail is a significant part of our environment, it goes for 50 kilometres from Colac up to Ferguson-Beech Forest, it is in our shire and there for everyone to enjoy and we want to make sure it’s a nice environment and that it looks decent,” she said.

“Up in the bush areas it’s well maintained by the shire, but the start of the rail trail just behind the Colac station is currently not a particularly nice environment,” Ms Bailey said.

She said volunteers were hoping to bring attention to the site to help develop it as an entrance to the rail trail.

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