Tragedy inspires walker’s work

Donna Bowman is walking through from next month Victoria raising suicide awareness.

March 18 last year is a day former Colac district resident Donna Bowman won’t forget.

Donna woke at 7am to find her husband Anthony Bowman had completed suicide at their Elaine property leaving Donna, their children and grandchildren behind.

To this day Donna is still searching for answers; with no note and no signs of post-traumatic stress disorder or depression, Donna is still wondering why Tony, a retired Victoria Police officer who had previously worked at Camperdown and a former Federal Police officer, took his own life.

But Donna has chosen to channel her energy into raising awareness about mental health and support those left behind.

Donna’s voice cracks as she retells the events of the fateful day in March.

“To start with I thought I was having a nightmare and was telling myself, ‘just wake up Donna, Tony wouldn’t do this, wake up’,” she said.
Emergency services arrived half an hour after Donna’s triple zero call.

“At that point I think I wanted to go with him, I didn’t want to go through this,” Donna said.

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