Fallen powerline tangles with ute

Warrion’s Mal Thomas’ ute became tangled with a downed power line on Poorneet Road at Weering.

Warrion’s Mal and Ellie Thomas received the fright of their life when their ute tangled with a downed powerline while travelling at 80kmh.

Mal and Ellie were travelling on Poorneet Road close to Weering Farm at Weering, north of Colac, on Saturday afternoon when they spotted a fallen tree ahead of them, but failed to notice the powerline that had also fallen and become draped across the road.

“We were just discussing whether we would get out and winch it when the powerline has picked us up and run all along my car. It was caught in the side mirror and my head was right there and it was starting to chew in there. You can imagine the noise,” Mal said.

“I’ve gone into panic mode and swung away from it and towards the tree; luckily it has lifted it up and it has flicked off. We pulled over straight away and just sat there. I thought ‘my God, what have we just got out of?’

“It actually reminded of the movie Beetlejuice – I said ‘are we still alive? We’re not dead and come back, have we?’”

Mel suspected he couldn’t have missed the tree falling by much, with a resident approaching them saying they had lost power five minutes before.

Mal said he and Ellie backed up to block the road off and warn other motorists about the hazard, stopping six drivers from making the same mistake.

They remained at the site until State Emergency Services from Bannockburn arrived, and left when a Powercor crew arrived with police.

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