New church nearing completion

Baptist church treasurer John Angel says construction of a new church at the corner of Dennis and Hesse streets should be finished next month.

Patience is a virtue for members of Colac’s Baptist Church, with construction of a new church taking 12 months longer than expected.

Baptist church treasurer John Angel said he expected the new church at the corner of Dennis and Hesse streets to be finished next month.

Church members made plans to replace the former 1958 church at the same site after contractors deemed the church too expensive to repair and demolished it in 2015.

“The front was actually moving outwards and twisting, so there was very big cracks, and after a brick fell out one day we said ‘no we can’t meet here anymore’,” Mr Angel said.

He said members had initially hoped for the new church to be complete early last year, but construction did not begin until July due to difficulties obtaining a council planning permit and a fire rating report.

Members had then hoped to use the new church to mark the congregation’s 110th year in Colac last October, but instead members celebrated at Colac’s Seventh-Day Adventist Church, which has hosted Baptist Church services since the Hesse Street site closed.

Mr Angel said work was now in the final stages, with an unavailability of sub-contractors slowing completion.

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