Recruiting leads Cat to re-sign with club

Colac Imperials’ Bailey Scott has re-committed to the Imps after training with the Colac Tigers during the off-season.

Football coach Dan Casey says TAC Cup graduate Bailey Scott’s decision to remain at Colac Imperials highlights the character of the club.

The former Geelong Falcon resisted a move to the Colac Tigers and will instead play alongside a host of impressive youngsters who have committed the Cats in 2019.

Jackson Henry and Luke O’Shannassy are the latest players to return to their home club after a stint with the Tigers, following Stewy McCann, Tom Cahill and Tom Prascevic’s decision to cross back to the CDFNL from Colac’s Geelong league outfit last month.

Imps officials are also celebrating the return of champion footballer Tyson Finnigan, who spent two seasons with Casey’s former club Alvie.

Casey, who is in entering his second year at the helm of the Cats, said the back-end of the club pre-season had lifted the spirits of his footballers.

Imps won just two games and salvaged a draw in 2018, and Casey said club officials had found it hard attracting recruits until a host of homegrown talent signalled their return.

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