Bombers legend to join Swans

Essendon AFL legend Dustin Fletcher will take Alvie’s junior footballers for a training session. PHOTO: Twitter

Alvie football officials hope having Essendon AFL legend Dustin Fletcher take a junior training session will help boost low junior numbers at the club.

Fletcher, who played 400 games across 23 seasons with the Bombers, will visit the Swans for a Sportsmen’s Club night on April 24.

But Alvie committee member Damian Fleming said the two-time AFL premiership player was also set to take a junior clinic at Alvie.

“We booked him to come for the sportsmen’s night, but we’ve found out he’s going to come at 5pm and have a run with the kids first,” he said.

“It’s a bit of an added bonus and it’s great for the kids even though some of them might not be as aware of him as us older ones.”

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