Couple finds comfort in colourful garden

Iola Anderson has earned another award for her prize-winning garden, but says the thanks should go to her husband and helper Neil.

Iola Anderson’s iconic rose garden in Colac has won another award, and she says it’s thanks to her husband Neil.

Judges awarded Iola a special commendation award for the Best Creative Garden in the annual Victoria in Bloom garden competition.

But Iola wants people to know she could not have won the award without her number-one helper.

“I was sort of disappointed that Neil’s name wasn’t on that award, because he does so much for me,” she said.

“He’s recovering from spinal surgery, but he still weeds that garden for me.”

Iola said tending to the garden was her therapy and she gardened every day – rain, hail or shine – but that sickness had limited her, with Neil stepping up for a range of tasks.

“I’ve had cancer and at the moment I’m carrying four lots of broken bones. I could never do it without Neil and I just want him recognised for what he does, because he definitely deserves it.”

Neil said his new role had helped him develop a newfound appreciation of the challenges of gardening.

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