Early-morning fire destroys a Barongarook house

Six Colac district fire crews could do little to save a Barongarook house from fire yesterday morning, but kept the fire contained from spreading to bushland.

An early-morning fire destroyed a Barongarook house yesterday, with police working throughout the day to determine the fire’s cause.

Colac Country Fire Authority captain Scott Peschell said the fire started around 4.45am yesterday at the property on the Colac-Lavers Hill Road, with seven vehicles responding.

“All we did was secure a perimeter around the outside to stop it from spreading any further into the bush or grassland,” Mr Peschell said.

A man in his 30s, believed to be the homeowner’s son, was home at the time of the fire and was uninjured.

“There was single resident home at the time. It was the neighbours who raised the alarm who then called us,” Mr Peschell said.

The fire destroyed the house, with only two chimneys standing among the rubble yesterday morning. The fire also burned two sedans parked at the property.

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