Mower race a thrill for couple

Craig and Gayle James compete in separate classes at races but face each other in the all-in handicap event.

Gayle and Craig James are revving up for Colac’s third annual Lawnmower Race this weekend.

The Colac couple will compete in the VicMow race in Colac for the second year, and Gayle said she loved the thrill of high-powered mowers tearing around the track.

“I just love it because it’s so exciting, it gives you a good adrenaline rush – I can’t wait for this one this weekend,” she said.

Gayle said mowers in her class could easily hit speeds of more than 60kmh, but the track design called for skilful manoeuvring as well as brute speed.

“The track is pretty twisty and turning, so we’ve got to navigate a lot of sharp corners so that slows us down a bit.”

Gayle said she and Craig, both 54, caught the bug for lawnmower racing after they watched the city’s inaugural mower race in 2017, with Craig setting out to build racing mowers from scratch for the both of them.

“It’s a big learning process because you make mistakes and you have to alter them, but I think we’ve got them pretty tuned now. We’re both running KTM engines,” she said.

Gayle said she and Craig were unable to race each other in the main categories because of the difference in their mowers, but they often faced off in the all-in event.

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