Doris celebrating 72 years of motherhood

Doris Robbins celebrated her 72nd Mother’s Day yesterday; she picks up her great-grandchildren Charlie and Kai from school every Thursday.

Colac’s Doris Robbins is still an active and caring mum after 72 Mother’s Days, and loves spoiling her great-grandchildren.

The 90-year-old Mercy Place resident is mother to five, grandmother to 14 and great-grandmother to 18.

Mrs Robbins had her first child when she was 18.

“I never thought about me being a mum until I held that little baby,” Mrs Robbins said.

“You can’t describe the utter joy of your first baby in your arms.”

She said she started to grow up after her first child’s birth.

“I think while I was holding him I thought, ‘he’s ours; I’ve got to look after him’.”

Mrs Robbins had her first four children within five years and said she was a strict mother.

“Sometimes you think they probably hate you for it.

“I think you had to be, the men were up the bush working, they weren’t round the house helping,” she said.

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