Eurack-born MP makes history

New independent MP for Indi Helen Haines, nee Carew, with her brothers, from left, John, Damian, Paul and Gerard Carew.

The weekend’s federal election was labelled an election of shocks, which was no exception for former Eurack woman Helen Haines.

“We have made Australian federal political history, and I’m very proud of that,” Dr Haines, who ran as an independent candidate for the federal seat of Indi, told the Colac Herald on Monday.

Dr Haines, nee Carew, is the first independent member to succeed another independent in the Australian Parliament.

She defeated Liberal candidate Steve Martin in the north-eastern Victorian electorate, and will replace retiring independent Cath McGowan in Parliament.

“It’s an extraordinary achievement, it’s been a massive community grassroots movement that has made that happen,” she said.

Dr Haines said she was nervous as she met voters at as many of Indi’s polling booths as she could on Saturday, and was “blown away” when the numbers began rolling in in her favour.

“I felt nervous, but I felt that we’d run a fabulous campaign and there was nothing that we could have done any differently, I just felt so proud of everything involved that I felt like we were winners no matter what,” she said.

“But when the numbers came in and they were so good, I was overcome with humility and pride of the movement that got me there.”

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