No set date for highway completion

Road crews have raced to beat inclement weather, but the Major Roads Project Authority now says the Princes Highway upgrade will be complete some time this year, rather than the previous estimate of mid-year.

Workers on the Princes Highway duplication east of Colac have raced ahead, but the road’s likely finish date is still unclear.

Road crews recently ploughed through more than a month’s worth of work in one week, when they closed the highway at Colac East to fast-track asphalting of more than 500 metres of road, as well as the installation of infrastructure for traffic lights, street lights, kerbs and important road features.

The Major Road Projects Authority, which is responsible for the highway upgrade, made the decision to fast-track the work ahead of likely wet conditions in winter.

MRPA indicated that weather could affect construction activities and crews needed to complete many aspects of road building in dry and warm weather to protect the road’s quality.

MRPA program director Tim Price said drivers could now travel on more than 26 kilometres of new duplicated highway between Winchelsea and Warncoort.

But the roads authority last week failed to confirm an exact completion date for the entire project, after previously indicating to the Colac Herald in January the project would be complete by mid-2019.

It said the entire project would be completed in 2019, but failed to specify what time of year.
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