Shop left empty after departure

George Taylor’s Stores’ owner Greg Malseed will close the doors of the Colac shop.

George Taylor’s Stores in Colac is set to close down, adding to the number of empty shops in the CBD.

Owner of the George Taylor’s Stores chain, Greg Malseed, said he couldn’t agree on an expensive 10-year lease with the owner of the building.

A combination of the proposed lease’s price and time period meant Mr Malseed could not commit to the deal and keep the Colac hardware and army disposals shop open in Murray Street.

He said the lease change happened quickly, forcing his hand and ultimately leading to the decision to close.

“(The owner) didn’t actually physically speak to us it was only through an agent and it was very blunt,” Mr Malseed said.

Mr Malseed, from Warrnambool, said the closure was disappointing for Colac in addition to the closure of Mitre 10 last year, and locals had expressed their sadness that the store was closing.

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4 Responses to “Shop left empty after departure”

  1. Juggy

    Hmm… ok.
    Since my comment, I have seen that the Hamilton GTS is closing too. So i wonder… ?

  2. Dave

    The existing tenant may have been given an opportunity to remain, by matching a potential new tenant’s offer.
    Quite literally,watch this space.

  3. JRD

    And now we have another empty store where the landlord would prefer to have it sit, not collecting any rent for years, rather than charge a reasonable rent. They seem to prefer short term profit, at local business’ expense, over long term sustainability.

  4. Juggy

    Some people have argued me “Colac retail rent isn’t expensive”. Hmm… ???