Sri Lanka attacks shock Colac man

Otway Rotaract Club’s Natasha Korompay and Kris Seabert helping to shine a light through the darkness following Easter Sunday’s terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. The club will host a candlelight vigil at Colac’s Memorial Square on Friday. Inset photo: Charith Siriwadana.

A Colac man in Sri Lanka has spoken about the impact of harrowing terrorist attacks, while young volunteers will host a vigil for victims at Colac’s Memorial Square on Friday.

Sri Lankan-born Charith Siriwadana was holidaying in the country when terrorists triggered a series of brutal bombings targeting Christians on Easter Sunday, during the country’s new year

Friends and family said they were “extremely relieved” to learn Charith was safe, after a government shutdown of social media following the attacks meant that he was unable to contact people to let them know he was unharmed.

Charith said none of his friends or family faced the attacks, which killed 253 people and wounded more than 500, but that the whole country felt numbed by the violence, followed by “fear and anger”.

“I couldn’t believe the cruelty of terrorism. They have targeted people who were at Easter vigil, and tourists who were having breakfast in hotels,” Charith said.

“But I find hope in the way in which many of our fellow Sri Lankans have responded to the situation – whether by donating blood or in reaching out to one religious community or another expressing solidarity.

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