Young talent leading the way

Simpson’s Matt Drayton.

Senior interleague coach Dan Casey says he’ll continue to give opportunities to the Colac district league’s talented young players after they played an influential role in the league’s win against Maryborough Castlemaine.

Seven players aged 23 and under made their senior interleague debuts for the Colac district league on Saturday; Colac Imperials’ Duom Dawam, Bailey Scott and Sam Lucas, South Colac’s Mitch Perkins and Josh Woods, Alvie’s Matt Kelly and Simpson’s Matt Drayton.

Alvie key defender Lochie Rosevear, 19, also returned for a second year.

Midfielder Woods and half-back flanker Kelly both ranked among the league’s best players in the 17.15 (117) to 10.4 (64) win at Maryborough’s Princes Park.

Casey said all the young players played their role in the runaway victory.

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