Sheep die in road crashes

People escaped uninjured but two sheep are dead after wandering into the path of oncoming traffic at Irrewarra.
Emergency services attended the scene after two cars were in collisions with sheep on Warrowie Road on Friday evening.
Irrewarra Fire Brigade captain John Martin said a car heading north on Warrowie Road near School Road impacted with a sheep that was on the road.
Mr Martin said the animal then deflected into another car that was heading south, and that car then hit another sheep that was on the road.
The Country Fire Authority, Victoria Police, State Emergency Services and Ambulance Victoria officers all attended the scene.
SES officers helped to extract a woman who was trapped in one of the vehicles, due to damage to the door.
Mr Martin said there were no serious injuries to people as a result of the crash.
Senior Constable Mick McKay of Colac Highway Patrol said there were no injuries to people as a result of the incident.
Sen Const McKay said the older sheep died instantly in the crash, while police had to put down the lamb due to its injuries.
He said there would be no charges as a result of the incident.
Sen Const McKay urged motorists to be aware of the potential for animals on roads.
“Be careful when driving on our backroads and be aware of livestock and other animals,” he said.
“It’s also a reminder for property owners to check their fencing regularly.”

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