Colac’s Brett Cunningham is pleased with moves to publicly display an anchor once lost to the depths of Lake Colac, but believes the display should be at the lake. Authorities have discussed displaying the anchor on a corner in central Colac.

A century-old anchor discovered in Lake Colac almost three years ago is a step closer to public display, Colac Otway Shire Council has confirmed.

Colac resident and now mayor Jason Schram and his children found an anchor submerged in the then dry lake bed in 2016, before excavating it and researching its history.

The anchor likely belonged to a massive steam boat, the SS Dorothy, which hosted pleasure cruises on the lake from 1912 to 1914; the anchor existed as Dorothy’s mooring point because the boat’s size didn’t allow it to be moored to a jetty near the shore.

The Colac Herald can reveal that the council discussed with VicRoads the possibility of using the anchor in landscaping works at the new Barongarook Creek bridge precinct in Murray Street, Colac, before on-site work on the bridge commenced.

“There would need to be further discussions about the best way for this VicRoads project to incorporate the anchor into the design,” infrastructure and leisure services general manager Tony McGann said.

“We note that the bridge design has changed from the original proposal and there are cultural sensitivities to be considered.”

Cr Schram said publicly displaying the anchor would help promote the lake to tourists and inform residents about the SS Dorothy.

“I can’t wait if it does go ahead to see it displayed on that Queen and Murray streets corner, that would be fantastic; Queen Street obviously runs down to the botanic gardens and down to the lake, it’s opposite the visitor information centre, and it’s at the entrance of town,” he said.

See today’s Colac Herald for more.

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One Response to “ANCHOR PLAN”

  1. Juggy

    Wow… what a stupid idea! How about putting it at the lake where it is most relevant and people are more likely to stop and learn about it.
    Public consultation shoved to the side once again.