Callous shooting shocks public

A Simpson dairy farming couple are frustrated with amateur shooters after the killing of a heifer on their property.

The online community is rallying to slam offenders following a livestock shooting at Simpson.

Simpson dairy farmers Mardi and Glenn Foster discovered a dead heifer in the corner of their paddock on Sunday morning.

“Her eye socket was shattered, and so it was obvious it was a bullet shot,” Ms Foster said.

The Fosters believe the heifer was shot from nearby Pipeline Road, with workers and neighbours reporting spotlighters in the area from about 10pm to 11pm.

The couple declined to contact the police and were surprised at the reaction from the community when they shared the incident on Facebook, with more than 100 comments, 500 reactions, and 360 people sharing the post.

“We didn’t contact police because we didn’t want to make a fuss, but I put it on Facebook and people kept telling us ‘you need to make this public’ and we didn’t realise how big it would go,” Ms Foster said.

“It has happened once before – a few years ago now we had a cow that died, and we suspected it was from a bullet wound, and when the knackery picked up the cow they later contacted us and said it was a bullet.

“When it happened this time, I was furious and thought I would let people know that it does happen.”

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