Exciting show hits Colac stage

Red Door Dance and Theatre Company will bring the musical Strictly Ballroom to the stage in the company’s senior musical production next month. The show’s cast and crew have been busy rehearsing for three months.

Colac’s Red Door Dance and Theatre Company is bringing the timeless movie hit Strictly Ballroom to the stage.

Red Door will present a stage adaption of Baz Luhrmann’s 1992 film as its senior musical next month.

Red Door owner Zoe Hudgell has produced, directed and choreographed the show and is looking forward to seeing it in action after three months of rehearsal.

“It’s been a dream show for me to do, when it came out professionally I saw the show eight times and I love anything to do with Baz Luhrmann and it was sort of a dream show for all of us and we were lucky to be able to get the rights to it so we’re pretty excited,” Ms Hudgell said.

She said she was over the moon to be able to present Strictly Ballroom in Colac with 40 cast members, an 11-piece orchestra and 20 backstage crew.

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