Security cameras film suspected charity thief

Donation tins and staff tip jars from multiple Colac businesses including Routley’s Bakery have gone missing. Pictured are Routley’s Bakery staff Emma Fitzgerald, Teagan Fiscalini and Jessica Wood.

Security cameras at Colac’s Routley’s Bakery have captured a woman stealing a staff tip jar from the front counter of the shop.

Routley’s on Murray Street is another business that has had donation tins or tip jars go missing from its shop in broad daylight in recent days.

Colac business owners said they felt targeted after the theft of multiple money collections contributing to staff and charities including the Jodi Lee foundation, Royal Children’s Hospital and Colac Area Health’s Long Road Appeal.

In addition to thefts of donation tins at Jo’s Pantry, Thwaites Bakehouse and Colac Pharmacy previously reported by the Herald, someone also stole a staff tip jar from On the Lane café, a Royal Children’s Hospital donation tin from the Austral Hotel’s bottle shop, as well as Routley’s.

Routley’s staff alerted manager Simon Routley to the bakery’s missing tip jar that had $20 to $30 in it, which led him to check security camera footage.

Mr Routley said he believed the same woman had stolen a staff tip jar last year before Christmas, containing about $1000.

“As you can see our cameras aren’t that good and it looks like the same person, but I can’t be 100 per cent sure,” he said.

On the Lane cafe owner Jody Foley said she believed someone stole the staff tip jar, which was a large water jug, on Tuesday between 10.30am and 11.15am at the Johnstones Lane business.

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