Girl, 17, suffers injuries in fall

Heidi Feetham, 17, was thrown from her horse Bee after two unrestrained dogs spooked the horse on a ride at Apollo Bay. Heidi suffered face and stomach injuries, inset, in the fall this week.

An Apollo Bay teen has a swollen jaw, cuts and bruises after unrestrained dogs spooked the horse she was riding, causing her to plummet to the ground.

Heidi Feetham, 17, said she was riding her horse Bee along a path opposite Pisces Holiday Park about 1pm Monday when two unrestrained dogs spooked the horse.

Heidi, who has been riding horses “pretty much since I was born”, said the dogs’ owners failed to help her after she fell, calling their dogs back and walking off the direction that they’d come from.

“I was taking my new horse down to the beach and I was going down the path, we were going around a corner and these two people had two big German shepherds, and they didn’t have them on a leash,” she said.

“They came running around the corner at Bee; when dogs usually come I’ll yell at them or something, but it’s a new horse and I didn’t want to scare him, and I thought the owners would call them back.

“But they just came running past and Bee spun in a circle and I lost my balance and fell off, and he jumped on me,” Heidi said.

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One Response to “Girl, 17, suffers injuries in fall”

  1. Juggy

    Heidi is so lucky her injuries weren’t worse.
    But for the dog owners to just walk away from such an incident is just disgraceful and shows a complete lack of morals.