Hit-run outside hospital leaves nurse stranded

Nurse Natalie Smith is appealing for information about a white vehicle that smashed into her parked car on Colac’s Connor Street between 12am and 3am Friday morning.

A nurse is appealing to the community for witnesses after a hit-run offender allegedly smashed into her parked car outside Colac Hospital.

Lara’s Natalie Smith believes a white car was driving along Connor Street past the hospital at some time between midnight on Thursday and 3am Friday, when it crashed with her parked black Mitsubishi Lancer and failed to stop.

She said the offending car made a significant impact, moving her car into the next parking bay.

Natalie is an agency nurse and works in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat as well as regular shifts in Colac, and she said her car was her only mode of transport but was now written off thanks to the hit-run.

“I support three children by myself, and I need to work to support them,” she said.

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One Response to “Hit-run outside hospital leaves nurse stranded”

  1. Juggy

    Oh heck! The poor lady. I hope the offender is caught quick and pays up.