Pig farmer positive after tough period

Imported pork has hurt the Australian pork industry but Winchelsea’s Pastoral Pork Company managing director Martin Newnham says prices are on the mend.

A Colac district pork company director says the pig industry is looking up after a tough 18 months.

Pastoral Pork Company managing director Martin Newnham said low imported pig and high grain prices had been a large concern for industry producers.

“The biggest factor in the industry is that most consumers in Australia do not realise how much meat is imported,” he said.

Mr Newnham said the number of pigs being killed in Australia was more than 7000 pigs lower than the same time last year.

He also said Australian Pork Limited quoted more than 75 per cent of ham, bacon and smallgoods sold in Australia was from pigs produced overseas.

“The Australian pig production industry is coming off 18 months of very high grain prices and as a result, farmers are still recovering,” he said.

“Whilst the amount of grain produced worldwide has increased, prices are yet to stabilise and are still on the high side.”

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