Quiz master chases his dream

Former Camperdown professional quizzer Brydon Coverdale says his curiosity about the world inspired his passion for journalism and trivia. He is pictured right with The Chase Australia host Andrew O’Keefe, left, and fellow professional chasers Issa Schultz, Matt Parkinson, Mark Labbett and Anne Hegerty.

Brydon Coverdale has come a long way from being the youngest child trying to prove himself to his siblings during boardgames at their Camperdown dairy farm.

Brydon is a trained journalist and cricket reporter, but many people would better know the 37-year-old as The Shark, a formidable trivia expert on Channel Seven’s quiz show The Chase Australia.

Brydon grew up the youngest child of David and Valarie Coverdale at Camperdown, before moving to Melbourne to study.

He said that throughout his childhood and early adult years, trivia and absorbing interesting facts from the environments around him had been his passion, with a successful audition for Sale of the Century a priority for 19-year-old Brydon.

Of course, he won “a couple of nights” on the show.

“The same things got me interested in quizzing that I suppose got me interested in journalism, which is just a curiosity about the world and what’s going on,” Brydon said.

“I guess I’m just lucky that I’ve got the sort of brain that that information sticks and I can retain it.

“We went on a family holiday when I was about four or five to Canberra, and I memorised all the Prime Ministers in order off by heart, I can still go through them in about 10 seconds just because I learnt them when I was so young, Edmund Barton, Alfred Deakin, Chris Watson…

“I guess I’ve always had that interest in learning those sorts of things, and being the youngest of four I always wanted to prove myself, if they were playing Trivial Pursuit or something like that I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the easy beat.”

Brydon said that before the first season of The Chase in 2015, he curated lists and study materials to brush up on topics, and had since revised those materials and kept up to date with current affairs to stay on top of his game.

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