Residents delighted as snow falls in Otways

Colac’s Tristan Schoell snapped this snow-covered scene along Benwerrin-Mount Sabine Road in the Otways yesterday morning.

Rain, wind and hail might have lashed Colac and the Otways this weekend, but there was also snow for residents who knew where to look.

Snow landed at in the Otways near Forrest yesterday morning, with excited snow hunters heading up the winding Benwerrin-Mount Sabine Road after Colac’s Tristan Schoell shared snaps of a healthy layer of the cold white stuff at about 9am.

Meanwhile, Barwon Downs’ Leon Gear discovered an impressive dose of snow at Mount Cowley near Lorne yesterday, at about the same time.

But Beech Forest residents weren’t as lucky, reporting only a light dusting in the region on Friday morning along Binns Road, which is protected from much of the wind in sections.

The temperature at the Bureau of Meteorology’s nearest official weather station at Cape Otway dropped to 5.1 degrees on Friday at 10.30pm, but weather watchers agree temperatures at hinterland towns in the Otways get colder, with anecdotal reports of 3-degree minimums at Beech Forest on Friday.

The Beechy Hotel’s snow watch on Facebook captured footage of promising hard snowfall on Friday, but blowing winds and buckets of rain likely prevented more, with average windspeeds between 20 and 60kmh and up to 80kmh buffeting the district across the weekend – including 100kmh-plus gusts – and nearly 30mm of rain at Cape Otway.

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