Safe plate event to deter thieves

Colac police, RoadSafe Otway and Colac Third Fourth Scout Group are joining up to keep drivers alert on the roads, and registration plates safe from thieves, with a safe plate event at Colac’s Driver Reviver site on August 31. Pictured, front, are Scouts Chris Slingsby and Jayden Tevelein and back, Sergeant Geoff Martinez, Roadsafe’s Matt Daniels, Leading Senior Constable Terry Woodcroft and Scouts’ Steve Tevelein.

Colac and district motorists can soon ensure their number plates never go missing.

Colac police are teaming up with RoadSafe Otway to host a safe plate event on August 31, when drivers can combat registration plate theft by installing anti-theft fixings on their cars, trucks and motorbikes at Colac’s Driver Reviver station on Murray Street.

Leading Senior Constable Terry Woodcroft and RoadSafe Otway’s Matt Daniels agreed the anti-theft screws made the plates near-impossible to steal.

“Once they go on, they stay on,” Mr Daniels said.

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