Speeding drivers shock schoolkids

Colac Specialist School students and staff are worried about dangerous driving on Colac’s Wilson Street, with people exceeding the 40-kilometre-an-hour limit and putting the school community at risk. Pictured are students Bridie Bartlett, Brendan Hus, Brayden O’Dwyer and Charlie Holland.

Students and staff at Colac Specialist School have expressed their concerns about dangerous driving on Wilson Street, causing risky situations for students and parents.

The senior secondary group of the school said dangerous driving situations were occurring at the flagged school crossing, with cars often driving above the 40-kilometre-an-hour speed limit.

“Since the crossing has been installed, we have experienced numerous near misses involving students, parents and staff,” the students wrote in a letter to the Herald.

“This has resulted from extremely irresponsible and dangerous driving from either inattentive, distracted or careless drivers.

“We appeal to the public to take greater care and be aware of our students, parents and staff using our crossing,” the students said.

The school’s principal Cameron Peverett said unsafe drivers ignoring the speed limit were putting parents, teachers and students at risk two or three times a week, and said two cars almost hit a mother as her child watched.

“We still have a high volume of trucks that go through there and even though it’s clearly signed as 40kmh on either end, it certainly doesn’t feel like that is being followed at all times,” Mr Peverett said.

“We’ve had quite a few incidents now where we’ve found staff and even parents forced to stop while on the road, because cars are just going straight through and I would say it’s fairly regularly.”

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One Response to “Speeding drivers shock schoolkids”

  1. Juggy

    Parents of the school should also make sure they use the crossing when dropping off or picking up students… rather than crossing at either side of it.