Family needs help after dad’s death

Colac man William Makuey wants support to help bring his vulnerable sister and her seven children to Colac from Sudan, after the kids’ father was killed. William, second from left, is pictured with four of his children, Francis, Nyamal, Anne and Alex.

A Colac man is pleading for help to bring his sister and her seven children from Sudan to Australia, because he is anxious about their welfare following the death of the family patriarch.

Wichjial Makuey, known to his Australian friends as William, is now the sole responsible man for Nyawich and her children, aged between two and 14, who live in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum.

William said he was desperate to offer the family protection and that they were now vulnerable in Sudan without the children’s father offering support.

“The one who can serve the family has been killed. He’s the one with the money to feed the family,” he said.

“Now that he’s gone, there’s no one. It’s terrible for them.

“I don’t believe there’s anyone who can be this person – he’s the only one who can struggle, can feed the kids, can get anything for them.

“With him gone, there’s no more support.”

Nyawich’s husband traded cattle in South Sudan to provide for his family living in Khartoum, so he made regular trips across the treacherous border separating the two African nations.

He lost his life in an attack on his travelling party by unknown offenders when crossing the border last month.

William heard of the news on the day his wife Nyatal, known as Mary, returned from a trip to the United States with one of the couple’s children and the Makueys were hosting friends at their house celebrating their return.

“I had some people visiting me in my house. Within a few minutes I received a phone call in Khartoum – they told me the husband of your sister has been killed,” he said.

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