Girls join campaign to slash speed limit

Two 10-year-olds have jumped onboard a campaign to prevent wildlife deaths on the Great Ocean Road and improve the safety of their bus-travelling schoolmates.

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One Response to “Girls join campaign to slash speed limit”

  1. Lawrence Pope

    Well done girls.Reducing speed is a great idea.

    In one third of road fatalities speed is the major contributing factor. Each year over 4000 Australians are injured in speed related accidents costing the economy $27 billion annually. *
    Add several million native animals killed and wounded each year and there is a compelling case for lowering speed limits.** A low-cost way of doing this would be to reduce, nation-wide, dusk-to-dawn speed limits by 20kph. At dusk, 100 kph would become 80kph and at daybreak revert to 100 kph and so on. No new infrastructure is required only a public education campaign. The death and injury toll would begin to reduce immediately with a concomitant reduction in the burden on our already stressed health and emergency and wildlife rescue services. If the government acts today lives will be saved tomorrow.

    * Allianz Australia โ€“ Victims of speeding pp. 1-5

    **Sydney Morning Herald, Road kill in the millions pose more of a threat to marsupials than deadly diseases, (SMH, Dec 8, 2017)

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