Proud family moment for new Australians

Haitham Abdelkhalek said he loves his new life in Colac after emigrating from the Middle East. Haitham, right, is pictured with his sons Iyad and Adam, wife Nehad and daughter Lial.

An Egyptian family will cap off joining the Colac community tomorrowby becoming Australia’s newest citizens at a COPACC ceremony.

Haitham Abdelkhalek graduated veterinary college in 2003 and worked as a vet in the United Arab Emirates for 12 years before deciding to move down under to provide opportunities to his young family.

“I chose to migrate to Australia because it has a very good educational system for the future of my kids,” he said.

“The quality of life here is a great quality of life, so are the opportunities for me in my career as a veterinarian.”

Haitham works night shifts as a vet in Colac, having previously worked at Australian Lamb Company as a meat inspector.

Haitham’s move wasn’t always smooth sailing, as he endured a rocky adjustment period in his new country.

But he said the nature of Colac’s people smoothed out his transition and made Colac a place he could call home.

“It was a hard time for us, because we had no friends and relatives in Colac,” he said.

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