Ship’s ahoy for charity rally

Pirron Yallock’s most notorious pirates Colin and Angela Carter will set sail along thousands of kilometres of outback road from tomorrow. The Carters have raised more than $6000 for the Cancer Council.

The Pastafarian Pirates of Pirron Yallock arrr ready for their biggest adventure yet.

Colin and Angela Carter of Nalangil’s Blue Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster will set sail on a journey along more than 3600km of rough Aussie road from tomorrow, after raising more than $6000 for the Cancer Council.

Captain Colin and the Pirate Priestess will tackle the trek from Melbourne to Townsville in the S**tbox Rally, where teams drive cars worth just $1000 across the country via some of its toughest outback roads for charity.

And they’ll be doing it in a proper pirate vessel, with their trusy Ford Courier – dubbed the “Shipbox” – certain to turn heads as it steers through land-lubbing locations like Birdsville and Wentworth.

The pirates said they were excited to head to the start line at Altona tomorrow after beginning preparations for the rally in March, with Colin busily preparing last-minute necessities for the gruelling outback trip.

Colin previously feared the shipbox might not last long on the brutal corrugations, but he said generously donated support from a local auto business had breathed new life into the car’s suspension.

“Mechanically it’s superb, I’d have to give credit to Tim Phillips and ABS who went above and beyond, I think it is running better now than it did when it rolled off the factory line – I reckon I’ll get my million kilometres out of it,” he said.

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