Unique Forrest signs fall victim to thieves

The Forrest community is disappointed at unknown offenders who have stolen their town’s characteristic wildlife road signs, as well as a sign for a local business.

Residents should be on the lookout for unique road signs stolen from Forrest, while a thief has helped themselves to a school’s plants at Apollo Bay.

Unknown offenders have removed Platypi Chocolate’s sign from Forrest’s main street and a road sign featuring an echidna on a skateboard from the town’s outskirts.

A wildlife road sign featuring a woman on the back of a kangaroo is also missing from the area, while bollards were pulled up during the spate of thefts.

Police are investigating the thefts, which they believe occurred some time between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Platypi Chocolate’s Mandy Bishop said the business had paid for the sign and would have to make more than 1000 chocolate sales to replace it, and that the missing wildlife signs had disappointed the Forrest community.

“People have come into our community and disrespected it, basically, and that’s what hurts us,” Ms Bishop said.

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