Clarendon campus at Yuulong?

Ballarat Clarendon College has bought 40 hectares of land at Yuulong and intends to construct a Year Nine residential facility at the site. There is ongoing speculation that the college’s former residential facility on King Island is reopening as an open-cut mine.

Ballarat Clarendon College has bought a 40-hectare property at Yuulong where it plans to build a Year Nine residential campus.

The Colac Herald reported in August that the college was investigating the appropriateness of the site at Old Iluka Access, Yuulong, near Cape Otway, for its residential program, and a BCC spokesperson confirmed on Friday that the college had since bought the site.

The Colac Herald understands other properties on the road fetch prices of $1 million to $1.1 million.

In a letter to college parents, BCC principal David Shepherd said that the school’s board would continue to work with Colac Otway Shire Council to develop the site in a way that maximised the effectiveness of the Year Nine program.

“It is imperative that this new location provides the situational, environmental and cultural contexts for our students’ health, wellbeing and personal growth,” Mr Shepherd said.

“The physical infrastructure, the setting where this learning occurs, must support students in their engagement with the curriculum. The eight-week program enables participants to fully immerse in our student development curriculum, drawing on the outdoor nature of the program to progress their ability to self-manage, to build and nurture relationships and to develop their identity.

“The next phase of capital investment in our student development program is critical. In 2020 and for at least some of 2021, our unique residential student development program will continue to be delivered on King Island.”

The school has hosted its residential program on King Island at the site of a former open-cut tungsten mine since 2001, and speculation surrounding the potential reopening of the mine prompted BCC’s move to Yuulong.

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