Colac man supports veterans

Former Colac man Stuart Wood, left, is passionate about supporting Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffering from PTSD. He is pictured with Charlie Hunnam, otherwise known as Jax Teller from TV show Sons of Anarchy, who is supporting this year’s Vet Rok fundraiser.

Rockstar Stuart Wood says his memories of the Vietnam War and the effect it had on his mates inspired him to support Aussie war veterans.

For 38 years the former Colac man’s band The Giants have been recording albums and completing world tours, but two years ago Mr Wood initiated an annual concert supporting a cause which is very close to his heart.

Mr Wood said his support for war veterans stemmed from his memories of experience of the Vietnam War.

“I think for me it all stems back to Vietnam, I can remember the Vietnam War because I was in the last call-up,” he said.

“Then Gough Whitlam came to power and I didn’t have to go, but friends of mine went, including a couple of guys from Colac.

“What happened to them when they came back, they were 19 years old when they were sent over there, they had blood thrown at them, they were called child killers, and the government didn’t really give two hoots about them.

“Unfortunately all these years later, nothing has changed, we’ve been sent to the other side of the world to fight a war we should never have been involved in in the first place.”

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