Couple’s enduring love drives 60-year marriage

Dolores and Rex Murrell are members of the Colac Collectible Car Club. They are pictured in their 1966 Thunderbird.

Dolores and Rex Murrell’s love story began at Cressy Bakery more than six decades ago.

Dolores was 16 and working at the bakery and was receiving regular visits from 21-year-old Rex.

“I was working there for a few weeks and Rex used to come up every evening and buy a loaf of bread and his mother wondered why he was bringing all this bread home.

It was after hours and everything and he’d knock on the door and that’s how we met,” Dolores said.

“We started going to the movies in Colac, the Regent Theatre,” Rex said.

They became engaged and married at St Michael’s Church at Beeac in 1959, the same day as Rex’s birthday – they celebrated their 60th anniversary on October 31.

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