Kids’ transport woes continue

Winchelsea’s Sophie and William Larcombe’s family could face steep transport costs to travel to their school at Lorne from 2021.

Polwarth MP Richard Riordan says issues arising from cancelled school transport between Winchelsea and Lorne highlight the inappropriateness of the town’s bus policy.

Winchelsea parent Tracey Larcombe says that from 2017, Lorne P-12 College had funded a taxi from the town to Bambra where Winchelsea students could catch a bus the rest of the journey to the school.

But Ms Larcombe, whose daughter Sophie is in Year Nine at the college with son William starting next year, said that the school had informed Winchelsea families that it would not provide that service after the 2020 school year.

Mr Riordan said the dozen current Winchelsea students and future students attending Lorne would face steep transportation costs as a result of the change.

The State Government is not required to provide transport between the two towns because Winchelsea secondary school students are zoned to Bannockburn P-12 College, although there is currently no bus to Bannockburn either.

He said the Winchelsea-Lorne transport issue highlighted the inappropriateness of zoning Winchelsea when it was “the mid-point between five destinations”.

“It makes sense that there’s no one particular school kids are zoned to,” Mr Riordan said.

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