Ratepayers foot bill for criminals’ deeds

Colac Otway Shire Council and police are encouraging residents to report incidents of hooning, dumping and criminal damage, which can cost ratepayers thousands of dollars. Officers were forced to clean up this two-tonne dump at Cressy this week.

Colac Otway residents should be on the lookout for hoons, vandals and dumpers who are throwing thousands of dollars of ratepayers’ money down the drain.

Colac Otway Shire Council has recently received reports of dangerous drivers tearing up gravel roads, tonnes of material dumped at Cressy and unknown offenders targeting the council’s property near Lake Colac – all which cost the council time and money to fix.

The council’s Frank Castles said hoons who carved fishtails out of Elliminyt’s Christies Road this month cost the council more than $1200 in materials and officer man-hours to repair, diverting maintenance from other roads in need of attention.

He said the council had to repair hoon damage regularly, and encouraged residents to report wrongdoing to the council or police.

“It’s ratepayers’ money that’s being wasted, and the roads damaged are less safe than they were before,” Mr Castles said.

Colac Highway Patrol Senior Constable Matt Goonan said offenders would pay a steep price for wrongdoing on local roads.

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