Region dominates world event

Jancourt East’s Jorja Milverton, with horse Order Mia Whiskey, claimed a world title at the Extreme Cowboy Association World Championship in Texas.

The Colac district is making a name for itself on the world stage in extreme cowboy racing, with Colac student Jorja Milverton the latest rider to bring home a world title.

The 16-year-old attended last week’s Extreme Cowboy Association World Championship in Texas alongside Colac’s Ryan Nowell and Wool Wool’s Charlotte Maywald.

Milverton, of Jancourt East, finished top of the world in the mixed Youth section, and third in the Intermediate.

The news followed Nowell’s world title in the Intermediate section, while Maywald finished runner-up in both the Intermediate and the Youth sections.

Milverton said her world title had come as a massive shock following the past month in Texas.

“I didn’t really have many expectations at all,” she said.

“I just went over there for the experience and to see what it’s like to compete at the highest level.

“When I found out I’d won I was very surprised, I certainly didn’t see it coming but I was very happy.”

Milverton, also a talented netballer who won Simpson’s 17-and-under best-and-fairest award this year, spent two weeks training at the Legends Horse Ranch at Kaufman, Texas, in the lead-up to the EXCA world finals.

“I was sort of chucked in the deep end on a borrowed horse, so I had to spend a bit of time preparing and getting to know the horse,” she said.

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