Scouts bounce back after crushing flood

Colac’s Third Fourth Scouts will open a refurbished hall this week, three years after a flood damaged the building.

Devastation has turned to relief, with Colac Scouts set to unveil a second refurbishment of their hall, three years after flooding scuppered plans for a ribbon cutting at their building.

The September 2016 flooding of Colac’s Barongarook Creek ravaged the Scout group’s facility, which was a week away from its reopening as a modern hall fit to cope with the demands of the expanding troop.

Colac Third Fourth Scouts group leader Lynne Murdoch said the flooding of the hall was a devastating blow; but the ensuing recovery was a testament to the spirit in the community.

“It was really distressing seeing the flood. There was all that work that had been done, but there was nothing we could do,” she said.

“From that time we worked slowly and steadily on getting it back, we had to replace the flooring and quite a few of the walls.

“The Scouts are an organisation where everyone gets in and helps, it’s not down to one or two people.

“We’ve gone above and beyond what was originally there and it’s looking sparkling.”

The Scouts’ famous philosophy of “Be Prepared” proved prophetic, as insurance covered the hall’s damages, and the Colac group made alternate arrangements while the hall was fixed.

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