Tanzania beckons young school leavers

Seventeen Trinity College Colac graduates including from back left, Sophie Bolton, Andrew Evans, Stella Harrington, and front, Tilly Lang-Ashworth, Teaghan Vance and Emily Montano, fly out to Tanzania for a schoolies trip tomorrow. The group will donate sports equipment and stationery to schools they visit.

A group of Colac teens will touch down at Kilimanjaro International Airport this weekend before a two-week alternate schoolies adventure in Tanzania.

Seventeen Trinity College Colac students will meet at the school tomorrow, before heading down the highway to Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport where their adventure will begin.

Trinity social justice co-ordinator Sarah Glennen, who is also going on the trip, said it had been a big couple of days for the students, who finished their exams this week and officially graduated last night.

She said the 2019 Year 12 graduates were both anxious and excited to touch down in the east-African nation in what they expected to be an eye-opening experience.

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