Police appeal to hand in guns

Colac and district residents have begun handing in unregistered firearms and weapons as part of a gun amnesty in the Colac, Surf Coast and Geelong region. Pictured is Colac police Sergeant Lisa Hill with two longarms in police possession.

Colac and district residents can hand in unregistered firearms and weapons no-questions-asked, with Colac police offering an amnesty to increase community safety.

The amnesty, which began on Saturday and will continue to December 15, allows the community to surrender any shotguns, rifles and any other guns and weapons to police in the Colac, Surf Coast or Geelong area.

Colac Police Sergeant Lisa Hill said the amnesty allowed residents to hand in firearms that could potentially be a target for thieves, and it helped the community keep guns and weapons off the street.

“It gets it off their hands, and it’s the possibility that those might have been stolen if they don’t – for example, if a house on rural property is burgled, it’s in our hands rather than theirs,” she said.

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