Colac’s Dimmeys outlet saved from closure

Dimmeys Colac store manager Colleen Baxter will continue working at the retailer after a change of ownership saved it from closure. The company initially announced its closure in November.

One of Colac’s major main street stores will remain open after an investor saved its retail chain from the brink of extinction.

An eleventh-hour takeover has saved Dimmeys Colac and the jobs of local staff, after the brand announced in November that the shop would be among a host of regional Victorian stores to close.

The “lucky escape” prompted a Colac business leader to appeal to shoppers to spend their money locally ahead of potential lean times for the district’s retailers.

Colac store manager Colleen Baxter said the shop’s loyal customers had warmly welcomed the news after weeks of uncertainty about how long the shop would continue to open.

“We were very pleased; it’s been a good, positive reaction from the customers too,” she said.

The discount retailer shared news of its new management via its website last week.

“Due to a new management Dimmeys can look forward to a long and fruitful future,” its website said.

“With the new management we have managed to save the jobs throughout Victorian stores.

“Dimmeys’ new look will go back to the successful years, concentrating on branded and basic products at a price everyone can afford.”

Colac and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry vice-president Alex McKenzie said it was positive for Colac that the city dodged the possibility of a large Murray Street retail space being empty.

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