Fish frustrations for low lake

Colac Anglers Club president Glenn Rippon says a lack of fish numbers in Lake Colac due to low water levels has impacted his club and other anglers.

A lack of fish due to a drop in Lake Colac’s water level in recent months is taking a toll on local anglers.

Lake Colac’s water level has dropped since November and Colac Anglers Club president Glenn Rippon said it had impacted his club.

“The drop has caused a problem because they’re not catching any fish and the (Victorian Fisheries Authority) haven’t put any in there for us,” he said.

“The water’s dropped down quite a bit in the last couple of months now, and they won’t put any fish in until we get a bit more rain now.”

The low water level has also forced Colac Yacht Club to stop racing on the lake.

The current water level is 115.689 metres above sea level, or AHD, which is down about 19cm from November 20 last year.

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