Two utes impounded over licence offences

Colac Highway Patrol has impounded at least two vehicles this week, with drivers flouting drug driving laws and licence bans. Both of the vehicles were white utes.

A duo of white utes are sitting in impound in Colac after their dodgy drivers tested positive for drugs.

Colac Highway Patrol this week intercepted a white ute speeding south at Elliminyt, travelling at nearly 90kmh in a 60kmh zone.

Police spoke to the 46-year-old Colac man behind the wheel before checks revealed that the driver was on a suspended licence.

The driver refused to undergo a preliminary oral fluid test, so police impounded the vehicle for 30 days at a cost of $1305 to the motorist, who will face Colac Magistrates’ Court for numerous driving charges.

Under Victorian law, it is an offence against the Road Safety Act to refuse to comply with a lawful request to provide an oral fluid sample, with the maximum penalty for a first offence a fine of nearly $2000, and two years’ driving disqualification minimum or four years for more offences.

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