Driver unharmed in truck crash

Crews worked all day yesterday to retrieve a diesel mix tanker from the side of a drop along Forrest-Apollo Bay Road near Mount Sabine. The driver was luckily uninjured in the crash. “He should go home and buy a lottery ticket,” said a witness to the scene.

Country Fire Authority volunteers have worked to recover a rolled tanker from the side of a sharp drop on a winding arterial road in the Otways.

Emergency services received calls shortly after 8am yesterday about a tanker that had gone around a bend on Forrest-Apollo Bay Road at Mount Sabine and overtured.

The vehicle had hit gravel and slid, then rolled and crashed down the face of the steep embankment on the road’s edge until it was fortunately wedged between trees, halting before the cab slid further down the mountain.

Police and about 10 Country Fire Authority units from across the region hit the road in response to the crash, with reports of a hazardous liquid spill coming from the ruptured hull of the tanker.

They arrived at the scene to discover the upturned truck and its driver who was miraculously uninjured.

“It’s really lucky – a metre forward he would have been trapped in the cabin, and a metre back he would have been rolling a long way down the hill,” a police source said.

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